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Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Autumn Spanne
Chloe Effron / iStock
Chloe Effron / iStock / Chloe Effron / iStock

Cats can sleep 16 to 20 hours a day. It’s not always deep sleep. Cats spend a lot of time taking short “cat naps” that build their energy, yet keep them alert enough to jump up the moment they sense danger or excitement. They don't sleep a lot because they’re lazy or bored. Cats sleep so that they’re ready to hunt.

Their genes (geenz) tell them to. Genes are the tiny instructions inside the cells of all living things that make a species look and act certain ways. These instructions get passed down from parents to kids. In the case of cats, their genes tell them to sleep a lot, especially during the day. 

A long time ago, cats weren’t domesticated (Doh-MESS-tih-cay-ted). That means they were wild and didn't live with humans. Cats had to hunt to survive, and they needed a lot of energy for that. Just like lions, tigers, and other wild cats, domesticated cats sleep more during the day so they’ll be ready to hunt at night, especially around sunrise and sunset. Of course, most house cats no longer have to hunt at all. But just in case they do, their genes tell them to nap often so they’ll be ready.

Cats can sleep in some pretty strange places, as you can see in this video