Wi-Fi System Lets Parents Control How Much Time Kids Spend Online

Eero / Eero

Parents trying to limit their kids’ screen time this summer have a new ally: The Eero Wi-Fi system is introducing a feature that allows users to control who can access the internet and how much time users can spend online. While that feature could ostensibly serve other purposes (after all, limiting our own Wi-Fi usage can be as challenging as controlling that of our children), it’s primarily geared toward helping parents manage kids’ internet access.

The Verge explains that users can control the new Eero Family Profiles feature via the Eero app on their smartphone or tablet. The feature allows users to create individual profiles for all of each family member’s devices. For instance, if your daughter has both a smartphone and a laptop, you can create a profile that includes both, and controls both devices' internet access in tandem. The app lets parents create Wi-Fi schedules that define when children can and cannot access Wi-Fi, and it also allows parents to pause internet access for anyone at the press of a button.

“Parental controls shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all: They should be tailored to each individual’s age and specific needs,” notes the Eero website. “With Family Profiles, manage your family’s screen time by creating profiles, setting schedules, managing devices, and pausing the internet for bedtime or important family moments like dinner.”

Eero’s goal is to create a more transparent, customizable Wi-Fi experience. Instead of the traditional box covered in cryptic flashing lights, the tiny Eero device is app-connected and allows users to check connection speed, see who’s connected, and make sure all of their devices are working.

[h/t The Verge]