LG Electronics Launches Mosquito-Repelling TV in India

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In India, watching more hours of television per week may have just become a positive health decision, thanks to new technology offered by LG Electronics. According to NBC News, the television manufacturer recently began selling sets with "Mosquito Away Technology," which uses ultrasonic waves to repel the winged pests and spreaders of diseases like Zika and dengue.

According to the report, the technology also works when the TV is turned off, and the waves emitted are inaudible to human ears so owners don't have to trade one source of incessant buzzing for another. LG has added the tech to various other appliances in the past, including air conditioners and washing machines. A disclaimer on one of the company's listings warns that the devices were tested in a lab and that the long-term effect of the tech has not been tested.

"Mosquitoes may become resistant," it warns. "This product is one of the ways to manage mosquitoes and not intended to replace other protective device [sic] against mosquitoes."

NBC News reports that the televisions are targeted toward lower income households and the two models range from 26,500 rupees to 47,500 rupees (around $395 to $708). The televisions are scheduled to hit the market in the Philippines and Sri Lanka within the next month, but so far there are no plans to sell them in other parts of the world.

[h/t NBC News]

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