If you found yourself traveling down I-45 in Houston this week and thought you saw a spaceship in your rearview mirror, there is no need to panic—it comes in peace. According to ABC 13 Eye Witness News, the spacecraft, a mockup of NASA's Orion capsule, was on its way from the Johnson Space Center to this weekend's Comicpalooza at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

The capsule wasn't intended for a trip to space, but instead has been used here on Earth for training sessions. If you happened to miss its journey to the convention center, there are still plenty of ways to see the capsule. The official Orion Twitter account invited fans to post photos of the capsule with the hashtag #SpotOrion. And those who attend the convention will get a much closer look at Orion in the Space Faction section of the event, which also includes autographing stations with astronauts, opportunities to talk with engineers, panel discussions, and interactive booths.

The Con runs from June 17 through June 19 and tickets are available on the Comicpalooza website.

[h/t ABC News]