The Canadian Space Agency Is Hiring

NASA via Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain
NASA via Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain / NASA via Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain

Attention, aspiring Canadian astronaut: your moment has arrived. The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is now accepting applications for two astronaut positions who will start training at NASA's headquarters in August 2017, The Toronto Star reports.

"Our astronauts have been a source of national pride for our country,” Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development said in a press statement.

The agency’s application website says ideal candidates will have “… excellent health; a university education in science, engineering or medicine; and extensive knowledge and experience.” Other desirable traits include judgment, reasoning, teamwork, motivation, and resourcefulness.

And, of course, the new astronauts must also be super nice. Speaking to The Star, current astronaut-in-training Jeremy Hansen said that good manners are a must. “If you trap people in a tin can for six months—or two years going to Mars—how they treat one another, respecting some of our fundamental Canadian values, it’s really important.”

Applicants who make it through the first round will enter into an intensive year-long selection process that includes interviews, written tests, and physical trials. According to David Saint-Jacques, who joined the space program last month, none of these tasks are a walk in the park.

“Every test is an ultimate challenge of what you can give,” he said at a press conference. “And then once you’ve had enough, and you’re exhausted, then the test begins.”

Still want to apply? Head over to the CSA’s website for more information. The application period ends August 15.

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