Time Capsule Discovery Brings Back Middle School Memories For 93-Year-Old


The contents of a time capsule recently opened in Strongsville, Ohio may not look remarkable to most people, but they were exactly what Rodney Wheller needed to see. As Fox 8 Cleveland reports, the 93-year-old was a member of the middle school class that buried it in 1938.

The capsule was unearthed last week by construction workers demolishing the old Center Middle School to make way for a new building. When a photograph of the class of 1940 along with a list of students was found inside, the discovery made its way to Facebook. Wheller was alerted to the news by a phone call from his daughter-in-law. In addition to recognizing his own name and picture, the images reminded Wheller of classmates he hadn't seen in decades.

Wheller has been through a lot since the photo was taken nearly 80 years ago. He fought in the army during World War II, got married, and became a dad to four kids. The last few years have been particularly rough for him with multiple hip injuries and the death of his wife, but the recent discovery provided a much-needed change of perspective. "I feel very lucky," he told Fox 8 Cleveland. "I'm happy I'm still here." If only every time capsule story could be so emotionally satisfying.

[h/t Fox 8 Cleveland]

All images courtesy of Strongsville City Schools via Facebook

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