A New TV Show Will Teach You How to Build Anything—Even a Cruise Ship

The Science Channel
The Science Channel / The Science Channel

You probably don’t think about the feats of engineering that go into creating the world around us. For instance, how skyscrapers get built or how giant, 20-story cruise ships are put together. The hosts of How to Build…Everything, a new show premiering on the Science Channel tonight, June 22, want to give you the blueprints.

Each 30-minute episode of the show tackles the ins and outs of building anything from Apache helicopters to satellites from scratch, with the help of a rotating team of experts that includes doctors, astronauts, race car drivers, and more.

“My ultimate goal is just to gossip about science and nature,” Alie Ward, one of the Science Channel correspondents who narrates the show, tells mental_floss. “It’s got to feel juicy.”

The tongue-in-cheek show feels like Mythbusters hosted by I Love the ‘70s, as inventors and science-loving comedians like Last Comic Standing winner and former airplane mechanic Alonzo Bodden quip their way through step-by-step instructions. Each episode features three different builds, meaning that they have to skip over some of the finer points of the instruction manual. But the show does provide a detailed list of necessary components for each build.

How to Build…Everything premieres on the Science Channel today, June 22, at 10 p.m. EDT.

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