David Lynch Is Curating a Film and Music Festival This Fall

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Cult filmmaker David Lynch has been directing surreal, genre-blending films for more than four decades—and now, he’s making his first foray into live festival programming with a surreal, genre-blending event called the Festival of Disruption. Pitchfork reports that the Festival of Disruption will feature performances, talks, music, and movies, and will run for two days in Los Angeles this October.

All of the performers were hand-selected by Lynch himself, and the lineup is as eclectic as you might expect. Musical performers include classic rocker Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin fame), contemporary songwriters like Sky Ferreira, Xiu Xiu, and St. Vincent and, of course, Lynch’s regular composer, Angelo Badalamenti, who'll be performing music from Twin Peaks.

The festival will also feature the photography of David Lynch, choreographed dance, and talks by everyone from Lynch collaborators Kyle MacLachlan and Laura Dern to architect Frank Gehry and filmmaker Mel Brooks (who produced Eraserhead and once famously called David Lynch “Jimmy Stewart from Mars”). Several of Lynch's films, including a series of rare shorts, will be screened as well.

The festival, according to The Film Stage, takes its name from a quote by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who once said, “Life is a festival of disruption.” With the Festival of Disruption, which will donate all its proceeds to the David Lynch Foundation, Lynch plans to bring that quote to life.

[h/t Pitchfork]