The 10 Best and Worst States For Road Trips

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A road trip can be a great adventure or an expensive pain in the neck, depending on which route you choose. If you’re planning on touring America by car this summer but haven’t yet decided which corner of the country to explore, WalletHub has some useful information for you. The website recently compared all 50 states to find the best and worst road trip locations, using 21 criteria to determine their rankings.

WalletHub developed a comprehensive list of criteria, ranging from factors like gas prices and road quality to nightlife attractions and National Park units. The website weighted their 21 factors and divided them into three main categories: Driving & Lodging Costs, Road Conditions & Safety, and Fun & Scenic Attractions. They gave each state a ranking for each category, and then derived overall rankings by taking the average of all three. For example, Arizona was ranked third for Driving & Lodging Costs, but 17th for Fun & Scenic Attractions and 35th for Road Conditions & Safety, giving it an overall ranking of 12th best road trip state. (WalletHub’s full methodology and ranking system can be viewed here.)

So, where should you plan your next road trip? According to WalletHub, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah are the best places to hit the road, while Connecticut, Alaska, and Mississippi are the worst for a driving vacation. Check out the interactive map and list below to see the full rankings.

1. Oregon
2. Nevada
3. Utah
4. North Carolina
5. Minnesota
6. Washington
7. Idaho
8. Colorado
9. Louisiana
10. Vermont

1. Connecticut
2. Alaska
3. Mississippi
4. North Dakota
5. Michigan
6. Delaware
7. Arkansas
8. Kansas
9. Tennessee
10. Oklahoma

[h/t WalletHub]

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