These Are the Safest Airlines in the World


There are plenty of factors to consider when booking a flight. How much does it cost? Is there a brutally long layover? Will any tasty snacks be served on board? But one particularly important consideration can be hard for consumers to gauge on their own: airline safety.

To that end, AirlineRatings has compiled a list of the most secure airlines in the world in 2016. Weighing factors like audits, operational history, incident records, and operation excellence, the website identified the world’s 20 safest airlines, as well as the 10 safest budget airlines.

Unfortunately, some of the safest airlines in the world aren't local; if you’re booking a flight from Denver to Duluth, knowing that Air New Zealand is one of the safest airlines in the world won’t do you much good. But the ranking list is still a great resource for jet setters making regular trips to foreign countries.

According to AirlineRatings, the safest airline in the world is Qantas, a 95-year-old Australian airline with a “fatality free record in the jet era.” Other safe airlines around the world include Alaska Airlines, All Nippon Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and Emirates. Check out the Business Insider video above to see more of the list.

[h/t AirlineRatings]

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