Your Next Password Might Be a Selfie

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We often have to create new accounts for virtually everything, from reading our newspaper subscriptions to watching television on Netflix or talking to friends on Facebook. Maybe that's why being smart about online security can sometimes feel like more trouble than it’s worth. Now, logging in could be as easy as snapping a selfie. The password manager LogMeOnce recently debuted PhotoLogin, a service where you can log into applications with a picture of yourself.

The new program is similar to a two-factor authorization system but without the hassle of entering in long codes. In order to log in, you take a photo of yourself using your webcam. PhotoLogin sends the photo to your phone. You verify that it’s your image on your phone and click a button to authenticate the login. Each image is only used once and self-destructs after 60 seconds. You can see the GPS and IP address details for each request, so if someone else is trying to break into your account, that will alert you.

PhotoLogin is not quite as futuristic as using stomach acid or your heartbeat as a password, but it still beats coming up with a new password every time you visit a new website. Or maybe just use a regular password manager. (Just make your passwords stronger than Mark Zuckerberg’s, please.)

[h/t CNET]

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