Syrian Refugee Finds $166,000 in a Wardrobe, Turns Money In to German Authorities

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A 25-year-old Syrian refugee in Minden, Germany, was recently furnishing his new apartment with donated furniture when he discovered €150,000 (that’s more than $166,000 in U.S. money) hidden inside a wardrobe. Instead of taking advantage of the fortuitous payday, The Independent reports, he turned the money over to authorities.

The man, identified by German media outlet Bild only as Muhannad M., had received the secondhand cabinet from a charitable organization. While cleaning it, he discovered a secret compartment between two boards. Tucked inside were savings books that were worth €100,000, along with an additional €50,000 in cash.

Since the bills were all new €500 notes, Muhannad initially thought they were fake. But after researching counterfeit money online, he determined that the cash was real. He contacted migration authorities, who informed German police of his find.  

Muhannad said he didn’t keep the money for himself because his religion, Islam, prohibits it. "Allah would never allow me to finance my own interests with someone else’s wealth," he said.

Police praised Muhannad’s actions, and declared him a hero. “This young man has behaved in an exemplary manner and deserves great credit,” said the police in a statement. “People often report small amounts of money found to the police, but such a large sum is absolutely exceptional.”

Authorities are trying to track down the money’s owner, but Muhannad will reportedly receive a 3 percent finder’s fee—proof that sometimes, honesty really does pay off in the end.

[h/t The Independent]