An Australian Woman is Weaving Pet Hair Into Clothing

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Marion Wheatland wants to turn your beloved pup’s fur into a luxurious coat. But she’s no Cruella de Vil. Rather, Mashable reports that the Australian businesswoman and spinning aficionado runs a service called Spinning Pets Yarn that lets pet owners carry a bit of their four-legged friend with them wherever they go.

Wheatland provides a simple, if strange, service: Pet owners need only collect their pet’s fur after a haircut (or vacuum it off of their couch cushions and carpets) and mail it in to Spinning Pets Yarn. Spinning Pets does all the work to spin the collected fur into a ball of yarn that pet owners can then knit, crochet, or weave into the clothing item of their choice. Wheatland has also been known to take commissions from pet owners, doing the weaving herself to create everything from husky fur beanies to a winter vest made of poodle hair.

Wheatland tells Mashable that she has even gone as far as to hire a wool classifying company to identify the best dog breeds for creating soft, comfortable yarns. After creating a 100 point scale for measuring comfort, Wheatland says she discovered that Schnauzers produce the best yarn (with a comfort factor of 90), followed by the Samoyed and Newfoundland. 

While wearing your pet might seem a bit odd, Wheatland insists it’s a great way to feel close to your pet. "Finding a suitable way to commemorate the special bond that occurs between a family and its beloved pet is not an easy task," the Spinning Pets Yarn website explains. "By creating soft and luxurious handspun yarn from your pet's own fur, Spinning Pets Yarn in Melbourne offers you a unique way to pay tribute to your much loved furry friend."

[h/t Mashable]