Google Maps Adds Multi-Destination Option for Mobile Users

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Getting from Point A to Point B often involves a few stops in between, but Google Maps users didn't have the option to add those multiple destinations to a single trip. Now, according to the Google Maps official blog, mobile users will have access to new features, including a multiple destinations option. Previously only available for computer users, the long-awaited feature should make running errands or planning a road trip a more streamlined and efficient process.

Google is rolling out the update to Android devices first and is planning to debut an iOS update later. Once the update has been installed, users will see the "Add a Stop" option added to the corner menu after they have entered a preliminary destination. Pressing and holding the dots next to the added stop will allow users to rearrange the trip based on priority or proximity. They will also still be able to search for nearby places along the route.

As a part of the update, Android users that take advantage of the Your Timeline feature will now be able to add photos to locations to create a makeshift travel journal with map integration. With Location History enabled, they can select past dates and view the trip through the saved images.

Take a look below.

[h/t Google Blog]

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