You Can Run Around a Costa Rican Field With 900 Dogs

Territorio de Zaguates Oficial // Facebook
Territorio de Zaguates Oficial // Facebook / Territorio de Zaguates Oficial // Facebook

If you’ve ever had that dream about running in an open field with hundreds of happy, yapping pups at your side—we’ve all had that dream, right?—we have some amazing news: you can now make it a reality.

Territorio de Zaguates (“Land of the Strays”) is a volunteer-run shelter in northern Costa Rica with some 900 dogs in its care. The organization is focused on championing its mutts, giving them custom breed names like “The Alaskan Collie Fluffyterrier,” the "Chubby-Tailed German Dobernauzer" and the "Fire-Tailed Border Cocker."

Visitors can come play with the pups, run around the property, take hikes, and (ideally) take one home. Founded by Lya Battle and Alvaro Saumet, Territorio de Zaguates is privately funded, no-kill (as is all of Costa Rica, in fact), and also has 1000 square meters of indoor facilities for when the pooches get tired of running around.

The country reportedly has about one million stray dogs, so if you’re in the market for a forever friend, you might consider getting a vacation out of it, too.

There’s no shortage of great videos on the shelter, and here are a couple of our favorites:


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