Katmai National Park Is Streaming the Everyday Lives of Alaska’s Bears


The most exciting reality TV show of the summer might just be Katmai National Park’s Bearcam. The Verge reports that the Bearcam, which recently launched for its fourth season on YouTube and Explore.org, allows viewers to watch live as hundreds of bears converge on Brooks River in Alaska’s Katmai National Park in search of salmon.

Each summer, the bears migrate to a mile-long stretch of the river to feast on sockeye salmon. The event is an amazing opportunity to see the brown bears in action, as they search for food and nimbly pluck fish right out of the water. The 24/7 live stream allows viewers to choose from multiple camera angles, ensuring they’re able to watch the full scope of activity at all times.

Viewers watching the stream on Explore.org will also have the opportunity to chat with park rangers, take snapshots of the animals, and interact online with other viewers. In years past, viewers have watched together as the relationships—and conflicts—between the animals slowly emerged. The feed provides a unique opportunity to get to know the animals as individuals, and watch the dramas of their daily lives unfold. Check it out above. 

[h/t The Verge]

Banner image: iStock

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