Infographic: Which States Listen to the Most Audiobooks?

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It's not surprising that some regions of the United States have a greater love for audiobooks than others, but which states are the most tuned in? The digital library and audiobook platform Scribd recently analyzed two years' worth of system data (over 3.9 million hours of listening stats) in order to create a color-coded infographic that shows which states are listening to audiobooks more frequently than others.

As reported by Mashable, they found that residents in Idaho, Utah, and Maine spent the most hours per day listening to books, while those in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey spent the least. Scribd also broke the data down by city and found that residents of Madison, Wisconsin are generally less interested in audiobook listening, while those who call Salt Lake City home spend more hours each day listening than any other place in the country.

Overall, fiction and literature were among the most popular genres, and mobile was king, with iOS devices accounting for half of its data and Android accounts for a quarter.


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[h/t Mashable]

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