A Museum of Ice Cream Is Coming to NYC This Summer

istock / istock

New Yorkers will soon have a sweet new way to beat the heat this summer. Time Out New York reports that a pop-up museum dedicated to all things ice cream will launch in lower Manhattan this month. It will be open six days a week from July 29 through August 31, giving New Yorkers a full month of delicious respite from the city’s humid, sweaty streets.

The Museum of Ice Cream will feature a range of interactive and edible exhibits including a “swimmable rainbow ‘sprinkle’ pool” (with fake sprinkles, sadly), edible balloons, and an immersive chocolate room. There will also be tastings led by scientist Dr. Irwin Adam of the Future Food Studio and free ice cream creations from popular New York City ice cream establishments like OddFellows Ice Cream Co. and Black Tap.

So far, many of the descriptions provided by the Museum of Ice Cream website for its exhibits and activities are tantalizingly vague. It’s unclear what the promised ice cream scooper see-saw will actually look like, or what the “collaborative massive ice cream sundae” will actually entail. But it seems clear that the Museum of Ice Cream won’t be your traditional museum: Instead, the “exhibits” will blend elements of art, food, and play to create what the website calls a “whimsical urban ice cream playground.”

[h/t Time Out New York]