‘Tinder for Art’ Lets You Shop for Paintings by Swiping

wydr / wydr

The Tinder app format is good for more than finding a date. There are apps that let you swipe through everything from potential pets to leftovers, and now Tech Crunch reports there’s an app that's aiming to be the Tinder of the art world.

The Swiss-based art-buying app wydr launched in January and, according to co-founder Matthias Dörner, its active users are already up to five digits. Just like Tinder, users navigate the service by swiping left for pieces they don’t like and right for the ones they do. Favorites will be saved to the user’s “personal gallery” until they decide to purchase them or until they’re snatched up by another user.

Wydr also employs a Yelp-style rating system that lets users rank each painting on a scale of one to five “hearts.” As Dörner explained to Tech Crunch, wydr was designed to be the anti-art gallery:

“Wydr changes how people interact with art. No curator, as all artworks are community curated. Artists get feedback on what users like, and users see what’s hot.”

Most of the pieces featured on the app are original works of art, and they add over 100 new items each week. According to TechCrunch, the price of an average shopping cart comes out to $430 with all shipping costs subsidized by the company. If you think wydr is worth taking it for a swipe, the app is now available for iOS and Android.

[h/t Tech Crunch]

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