Tickets to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Final Hamilton Performance Are Selling for $20,000 Each

Joan Marcus
Joan Marcus / Joan Marcus

At this point, having a ticket to Hamilton could pay for a year of college tuition. Star and creator Lin-Manuel Miranda’s last show (as well as Leslie Odom Jr.’s and Phillipa Soo’s final performance) is happening tomorrow, July 9, and ticket resellers are looking to profit wildly off your all-consuming desire to catch it with its original Broadway cast. 

On StubHub, a pair of tickets to the July 9 performance is selling for $40,000—or $20,000 per ticket—Entertainment Weekly reports. If you are willing to sit in the orchestra sides, you can pay as little as $6400, though! On Ticketmaster, you can snag a rear mezzanine seat for a bargain $1300 (or you could as of this writing). Remember, the retail price for even the best seat in the house tops out at $300

New York recently tightened its restrictions on ticket bots, the automated software that sweeps in and buys seats to popular events before a human even has a chance to read the ticket price. Miranda has decried the practice that makes it possible for ticket scalpers to buy up seats to hot shows like Hamilton and then resell them on StubHub for insane prices, making it impossible for normal people to see the show. Don’t give in to the jerks who want to make a down payment’s worth of money on a $200 ticket. Just watch the White House version.

[h/t Entertainment Weekly]

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