Tiny Astronomy Camera Helps Amateurs Capture the Night Sky


Taking photos of a full moon or a sky dotted with stars is frustrating for those equipped with only a smartphone. A company called TinyMOS hopes to make the process easier. The Verge reports that the Singapore-based startup has created what it is calls "the world's smallest astrophotography camera," capable of taking 2.5K HD video, high-resolution still images, and time-lapses of the night sky.

Similar in size to a standard point-and-shoot camera, the 4-megapixel Tiny1 has a body made of high-grade aluminum and has a small back-illuminated sensor which promises to improve the device's performance in low light. To beef up the specs, users can attach much larger DSLR lenses or even a telescope to the camera with a dedicated adapter.

TinyMOS also offers an interactive star map that shows where constellations and planets are in real time, and is equipped with WiFi connectivity for sharing images with smartphones or controlling the shutter remotely.

For those on the fence about buying a camera dedicated to stargazing, TinyMOS says that there is an option to turn off astronomy mode for daytime shooting. The Indiegogo campaign for Tiny1 has already exceeded its $100,000 goal, but you can still preorder your own for $399. Devices are expected to ship in February 2017.

[h/t The Verge]

Images via TinyMOS on Indiegogo

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