This Spokeless Bike Looks Like It Rolled Out of a Sci-Fi Film

Cyclotron / Cyclotron

The bicycle has undergone numerous design changes since it was fist invented in 1817, but the spoked wheel is one feature that has remained the same. Now, the creators of a new kind of smart bike are looking to change that. As Gizmag reports, the spokeless Cyclotron bike is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

The first thing that distinguishes the Cyclotron from other bikes is its futuristic design. The aerodynamic frame is built from a space-grade carbon shell wrapped around a lightweight core. Instead of inflated tires connected to the rest of the bike by a hub and spokes, the wheels are directly integrated into the rest of the structure. If that wasn't modern enough for you, at night, sensors automatically illuminate the wheels’ inner rims and activate a laser lane display so that the bike stands out in traffic.

On top of making riders look like they belong in the movie Tron, the empty wheels serve a practical purpose as well: Owners can equip the holes with special “utility slots,” like a basket for groceries or a sidecar for child passengers.

For serious bikers, Cyclotron is outfitted with smart sensors that measure things like distance, speed, heart rate, and calories burned. The smart features are powered by a lithium-ion battery onboard and they can all be accessed through the Cyclo App.

The Cyclotron team launched their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on June 23, and they’ve already exceeded their initial goal by over $20,000. Backers can claim their own Cyclotron with a pledge of $1125 or more with shipping estimated for June of next year.

See the Cyclotron in action below.

[h/t Gizmag]

All images courtesy of Cyclotron // Kickstarter.

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