Restaurant in Singapore Serves Up a $2 Million Dining Experience

CE LA VI on Facebook
CE LA VI on Facebook / CE LA VI on Facebook

There are pricey meals—and then there's the most expensive meal in the world, designed for people with $2 million to spend on dinner. As Mashable reports, the Cé La Vi restaurant and nightclub atop the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore is partnering with World of Diamonds to offer a dining package with that mighty hefty price tag. Luckily, food isn't the only thing included in the experience.

The evening for two begins with a private helicopter ride over Singapore, followed by a chauffeured cruise in a Rolls-Royce to the restaurant. Guests are greeted with 10,000 roses upon arrival and are then seated for an 18-course meal that includes (according to Luxuo) Belon oysters with champagne foam, Almas caviar, slow-cooked pigeon, foie gras, air-flown Alaskan wild salmon, and lamb sweetbread, among many other items. The table settings include personalized, diamond-encrusted chopsticks, and the guests are served wine vintages aged 45 to 55 years.

At the end of the eight-hour experience, a Jane Seymour Vivid Fancy Blue 2.08 carat diamond ring is brought to the table with dessert, and the fine diners sip cognac while watching a fireworks display. A press event for the extravagant collaboration is scheduled for August, which gives interested parties a bit more time to apply and go through the screening process.

[h/t Mashable]

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