This Election Season, Sip Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump-Inspired Sodas

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Connecticut soft drink company Avery's Beverages just made this year’s presidential election a little more palatable. According to Associated Press, the company has created two specialty sodas named for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The beverage honoring the presumptive Republican candidate is called “Trump Tonic,” and comes with the slogan “Make America grape again.” It reportedly has a bold, slightly acidic grape flavor. Clinton’s purple drink, “Hillary Hooch,” is a berry soda with “classified” ingredients—although we do know that there’s some strawberry, blue raspberry, and lemon (for bitterness) in the mix.

This isn’t the first time Avery’s—a 112-year-old old-fashioned soda maker in New Britain—has created election-inspired soft drinks. In 2008 and 2012, Avery’s sold red cream sodas called John McCream and Cream de Mitt, named after Republican candidates John McCain and Mitt Romney. Both times, Barack Obama’s soda, Barack O’Berry, outsold them.

This year’s presidential sodas can be purchased in Avery’s facilities in New Britain and in local grocery stores. According to Fox61, Trump Tonic and Hillary Hooch are both selling rapidly, and are currently tied in popularity. You can track results for yourself on the company's Facebook page, which features a loosely accurate straw poll.

But if you want to order a few cases for your upcoming Election Night party and don't live in New England, you can call Avery's and place an order by phone. And if you're still holding a torch for Bernie Sanders, or planning to vote for a third-party candidate, Avery’s is selling versions of both sodas with blank labels, so you can write in your preferred nominee.

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