This Smart Alarm Will Help You Beat Traffic and Get to Work on Time

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Even the most punctual people are late for work sometimes, often due to situations that are beyond their control. They wake up early, get ready as normal, and start driving to the office, only to be delayed by congested traffic, a surprise thunderstorm, construction, or some other minor road mishap.

If you're sick and tired of sliding into your cubicle 10 minutes late, try downloading the Snorelax Alarm app for iOS, first spotted by Lifehacker. It monitors current road conditions in real-time, and wakes you up earlier if it looks like traffic delays will prolong your commute. Snorelax also takes historic traffic data into account to more accurately predict how long it will take you to reach your final destination on a normal day.

Simply teach the app which route you take, and it will rouse you every morning with plenty of time to beat the rush. It also provides you with alternate directions so you can dodge road obstacles, and lets you check current and future weather forecasts in case things like a bad downpour or a blizzard might make it unsafe to head to work at all.

Snorelax can be purchased for $2 through the iTunes store, and you can learn more about how it works on its website

[h/t Lifehacker]