Watch a Darling Scottish Wildcat Kitten Emerge For the First Time


Even if you consider yourself an expert in all things feline, there are probably still a few breeds you don’t know—especially when it comes to wildcats. Take the Scottish wildcat, an endangered UK species that just welcomed a brand new member to its clowder.

In May, a Scottish wildkitten was born at the Chester Zoo in the United Kingdom. The little furball has been hiding in its den since then, but it emerged recently to show the world its adorableness. There are believed to be fewer than fewer than 100 of these cats left in the wild, and controlled breeding is part of a wider effort to help conserve the species. Scottish wildcats are protected, but according to a blog on the Chester Zoo website, they’re still threatened by cross-breeding, habitat loss, and “accidental persecution.”

The kitten was born to parents Einich (female) and Cromarty (male), who are also zoo residents. The family is currently in a special breeding facility and not on display for the public. They can, however, be seen by zoo visitors via webcam.

The species is also known by the nickname “Highland tiger,” and you can see some of that fierceness on display in the video above.

Images: YouTube

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