This Bartending App Will Help You Mix Drinks Like a Pro

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You don’t need a vast knowledge of cocktails to whip up a professional-grade drink at home. You just need an app.

Founded by three brothers with a passion for cocktails, the Liquor Cabinet is an iOS app that puts the knowledge of booze professionals at your fingertips. The slick app will tell you not only how to make a Manhattan, but what the best liquor to use in it would be, what kind of glasses and tools you’ll need, and the history of the cocktail. 

The Liquor Cabinet

You can browse recipes by skill level or type of spirit, or go straight to comparing the flavor profiles of different bottles. The app doesn’t have price ranges, so you won’t necessarily know how upscale some of these bottles are. But it doesn’t always recommend top-shelf liquor, either. The recommended whiskeys in the Old Fashioned recipe, for instance, are Rittenhouse Rye, a bottle that goes for around $25, and Old Overholt, a rye that retails for as little as $16 per 750 milliliter bottle.

The Liquor Cabinet provides more history lessons than your average drink app, too. Each cocktail recipe and bottle description includes not just what kind of flavor notes you’ll taste, but the story of the drink’s origins or the company’s founding. So drink up! It’s educational.

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