Adventurous Pug and Kitty Hike Across Spain

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Most people leave their pets behind when they travel—especially if they’re going on an extended and action-packed adventure. Not Sebastian and his partner, Finn, two outdoors-loving men in Spain who bought a special stroller so that their pug, Bandito, and Scottish Fold cat, Luigi, could accompany them on the road.

Now based in Marbella, the dynamic family frequently travels to national parks like Parc Natural del Garraf near Sitges and Sierra de las Nieves near Málaga, Travel + Leisure reports. Recently, they even spent six weeks hiking 497 miles of the Camino de Santiago, an ancient pilgrim route that leads to the shrine of the apostle St. James the Great in northwestern Spain.

Sebastian and Finn try not to overestimate their fuzzy companions’ endurance. Bandito and Luigi hike alongside the owners, but when they get too tired, they go into the stroller or sleep in a tent. “The trolley or tent are ‘safe' areas, so they always return if something has spooked them—mostly Luigi in the beginning and Bandito after he felt he had walked enough—he loves sitting and observing being pushed along,” Sebastian told The Daily Mail. "We knew we would turn back if it became stressful or unfair on them, they are the main priority all the way."

Along the way, Sebastian and Finn have been documenting their pets’ adorable exploits on social media—and, naturally, people are following along. As of Wednesday, July 20, the fuzzy duo had amassed nearly 32,000 followers on Instagram. Check out a few of their pictures below—and since Sebastian and Finn told Travel + Leisure they’re thinking of turning their story into a book, wait to see if their real-life twist on Homeward Bound hits stores near you. 

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