Netflix Is Adding a Shareable Playlist Feature Called 'Flixtape'


The era of digital music streaming—and CDs before it—might have killed off the mixtape, but the concept of a curated bundle of entertainment is still a beloved one. At least that's what Netflix is hoping as it launches a new feature called Flixtape. As Nerdist reports, Flixtape allows users to create playlists of shows and movies with a common theme that they can then share with friends and family members via the streaming service.

In a video announcing Flixtape (above), Netflix introduces the idea of mixtapes to Millennials, and explains how the concept has been applied to its video content. Just like some music streaming apps, Flixtape lets users create their own "mixes" or browse "Made For You" lists with titles like "The Mom and Pop Flixtape," "The Besties of Frenemies Flixtape," and "The Summertimes Flixtape."

As Nerdist points out, adding a show to Flixtape means adding the entire show, which is fine if you want someone to binge on 30 Rock or Stranger Things, but otherwise the recipient will have the added responsibility of navigating through to find the episode that matches the theme. Of course a Netflix subscription is required for anyone hoping to Flixtape, and now that sharing login information is technically (though not really) illegal and price hikes are causing some customers to leave the service, you might have to work a little harder to find a crush who's technologically compatible. 

[h/t Nerdist]

Banner image: YouTube.

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