Moscow Will Release Pokémon Go-Style Game With Historical Figures

Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain
Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain

Over the centuries, Moscow has been home or host to legendary writers, musicians, politicians, and other important historical figures—and soon, visitors to the Russian capital will have an opportunity to catch ‘em all. The BBC reports that Moscow authorities have announced plans for a new history app, inspired by the popularity of Pokémon Go, which will allow Moscow residents and tourists to “catch” famous historical personalities.

The Moscow Times explains that the app will mimic the augmented reality used in Pokémon Go. But instead of searching for cartoon creatures throughout the city, the app’s users will search for historical figures against real-life backdrops. Unlike Pokémon Go, the app—called "Discover Moscow. Photo"—won’t let its users battle captured characters against each other, although it will allow its users to take selfies with them.

Historical figures who will appear in the game include Alexander Pushkin, Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, rock musician Viktor Tsoi, and astronaut Yuri Gagarin. The app, which will be released in late August, is designed to teach visitors about the city’s storied history and encourage people to explore the capital.

While Pokémon Go served as inspiration for Discover Moscow. Photo, its release has been postponed indefinitely in Russia—which means the people of Moscow may be capturing Pushkins before they have a chance to search for Pikachus.

[h/t BBC]