Watch This Stylish Supercut of the Greatest T-Shirts in Movies


While many of the most famous movie costumes of the early 20th century were glamorous gowns and sophisticated suits, over the last few decades, costume design has become increasingly casual, and the graphic t-shirt has emerged as an iconic clothing item.

A celebration of novelty t-shirts, slogans, and airbrushed illustrations, the short video above by film editor Travis Greenwood showcases some of the greatest tees in film. Watch carefully enough and you’ll even notice some recurring themes: There’s the mini-montage of cartoon cats around the 40 second mark, a series of Jeff Bridges wearing the exact same Kaoru Betto t-shirt in different movies, and, of course, a full exploration of the many graphic t-shirts of Michael Cera that appears about halfway through the video. In total, Greenwood has compiled t-shirts from 103 different movies in what he aptly refers to as a “messy multitude of shared and overlapping thematic threads.”

Banner Image Credit: Travis Greenwood, YouTube

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