Oregon Trail Is Now a Card Game

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First released in 1971, popular video game Oregon Trail has taught generations of children about pioneer life on the famed trail that connected Missouri to Oregon. Now, 45 years later, Oregon Trail has reportedly made its way from the computer screen to the table top.

The Oregon Trail Card Game, a card and dice game based on the classic computer game from Pressman Toy Company, will be released exclusively in Target stores in the future, according to Polygon. The two- to six-player games features supply cards for 200 pounds of food, clean water, 100 bullets, clothes, medicine, and oxen to start. As the gameplay goes on, the players (ages 12 and up) draw cards that tell them about their progress or the random hardships they’ll face throughout their journey to the Beaver State.

There are also trail cards for towns and forts so players can pick up additional supplies, along with calamity cards, such as snake bites, broken wagon axles, extreme cold, and death from typhoid or dysentery. Along the way, pioneers slowly die off until the last ones in the party make it to the end of the trail to win the game. The game even comes with gravestones, so players can write down their names and how they died on their final resting place.

Right now, there is no word on an exact release date.

[h/t Polygon]

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