Lost Cat Is Reunited With Her Owners After 8 Years

istock / istock

An adventurous family cat named Moon Unit recently returned home after an eight and a half year odyssey. Mashable reports that the intrepid feline explorer escaped from her London home during a New Year’s Eve party back in 2007. Somehow, she made it all the way to Paris, where she was picked up just this June by the animal rescue charity ADAD.

One of Moon Unit’s grateful owners, Marna Gillian, told Mashable that ADAD got in touch with her after scanning Moon Unit’s microchip. "I didn't believe it was her—I thought it would be a mistake—until we exchanged photographs," Gillian tells Mashable. "We have no idea how she got there. Our best guesses are that she stowed away, or found a new family, was brought over by them, and then ran away? The stowaway theory seems the most likely I think."

While Moon Unit’s whereabouts for the last eight years remain a mystery, Gillian is so grateful to have her beloved cat home, she has launched a Crowd Funder campaign for ADAD. On the fundraising page, Gillian expresses awe for all the trouble ADAD went to in order to reunite her with Moon Unit. "ADAD have been amazing," she writes. "Tracking us down, with difficulty, from out of date microchip information, sorting out vet care and a pet passport for little Moon Unit, fostering her until she can travel legally, and keeping us supplied with pictures of the globetrotting moggie and news of her progress."

[h/t Mashable]