What is the biggest building on Earth?Leah Alissa Bayer:

Current records:

The largest building in the world by volume is the Boeing factory in Everett, Washington (pictured above) with a floor area of 4.3 million square feet and volume of 472 million cubic feet because, airplanes.

Aalsmeer Flower Auction // Image courtesy REMKO DE WAAL/AFP/Getty Images

The largest ground footprint goes to the Aalsmeer Flower Auction building in Aalsmeer, Holland, which has nearly 5.6 million square feet of floor space. It must smell amazing.

New Century Global Center // Images courtesy STR/AFP/Getty Images

Next, the largest building by floor area is the New Century Global Center in Chengdu, China with 18.9 million square feet of floor space. (There are also water parks and hotels and shopping galore.)

Tesla Gigafactory // Image courtesy Tesla.com

The Tesla Gigafactory outside Sparks, Nevada could take the cake in a handful of years, though. The final size is unknown, but current planned floor space is 13.6 million square feet, 71 feet tall, and 5.5 million square feet wide. As designed, it’d be second in volume to the Boeing building, but purchase of the adjacent property gives them the option to expand and Tesla has hinted at doubling the factory pending earnings and feasibility. Elon Musk: taking over the world(s).

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