Ice Cube and the Goodyear Blimp's Good Day

Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Universal Pictures
Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Universal Pictures / Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Universal Pictures

January 20, 1992 might have been a good day for Ice Cube. In 2012, comedian Donovan Strain claimed to have pinpointed the exact day the rapper was referring to in his 1993 song "It Was a Good Day," based on clues he dropped in the lyrics: It was a day the L.A. Lakers beat the Seattle Supersonics; Yo! MTV Raps was on the air; it was a smog-free day in the Los Angeles area; beepers were in use; and Ice Cube wasn't on tour or busy with other events. All of those things combined resulted in just one single possibility, according to Strain: January 20, 1992.

Another blogger disputed the date in question, submitting his own reasoning about why November 30, 1988 was the "good day" in question. Cube himself settled the controversy in 2012: "It's a fictional song," he told Moviefone.

The first theory stuck, however, and Goodyear cemented the date when they invited Strain, Ice Cube, and a few other guests to visit their airport for a special event on January 20, 2014. In response to a fundraising campaign for the South Central Los Angeles nonprofit organization A Place Called Home, Goodyear made part of the song a reality by displaying "Ice Cube Says Today Was a Good Day" on the blimp as it cruised around Los Angeles.

Okay, so it wasn't quite accurate to the song, where the rapper notices the blimp conveying a slightly different message: "Ice Cube's a pimp." But no one's complaining: The stunt raised $25,000 for the charity.

"It's a dream come true … it’s surreal … it's something that I never thought in a million years could happen," Cube said. "It's pretty awesome. Today was definitely a good day in so many ways."