New Jersey Animal Rescue Farm Seeking New Homes for Nearly 100 Ducks

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Live in New Jersey and looking to adopt a pair (or more) of unconventional pets? The Barnyard Sanctuary, an animal rescue farm in Knowlton Township, is seeking new owners for nearly 100 domesticated ducks that were illegally released in Secaucus last month, The Record reports.

Nobody knows quite where the birds came from. On July 14, police arrested a 37-year-old Secaucus woman, Qinglian Li, and charged her with seven counts of animal cruelty after she reportedly set dozens of Khaki Campbell ducks loose around the town’s Mill Creek Mall. Several were found dead, and a few couldn’t stand or walk. Then, later that week, authorities received new reports that even more Khaki Campbell ducks had been released near the same shopping center. Police still don’t know whether the two events are related.

New Jersey State and Wildlife officials rescued the ducks, and gave nearly 100 of them to the Barnyard Sanctuary. They’ve been quarantined and scanned for diseases—and early next week, on August 8, they’ll officially be available for adoption.

As of Wednesday, August 3, Barnyard Sanctuary founder Tamala Lester had more than 200 inquiries to adopt the ducks, The New Jersey Herald reports. Lester still hasn’t evaluated all of the potential owners—but since ducks are flock animals, she does want them to take at least two birds each. The ducks should also be provided with a fenced-in, 6-by-10-foot enclosure that contains a place for them to seek shelter. Plus, there are laws about transporting fowl across state lines, so all owners must reside in New Jersey.

The Khaki Campbell duck is a domesticated bird from England that weighs nearly 5 pounds as an adult. It comes in several colors—including khaki, dark, and white—and while it doesn't fly, it's known for its high egg production. Interested in owning one? The ducks are available for a $20 adoption fee. For more information, email Lester at

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