Maine Restaurant Cooks 100-Pound Burger to Celebrate 1-Year Anniversary

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Think your eyes are bigger than your stomach? Dirigo Public House, a restaurant in Yarmouth, Maine, recently celebrated its one-year business anniversary by creating a hamburger that weighed more than 100 pounds, NBC affiliate WCSH6 reports.

The idea of cooking a larger-than-life burger originally began as a joke. "Everybody is like, 'Haha, the burgers are really good, you should go bigger,’” restaurant co-owner Ben Grant told WCSH6. But Grant and his co-owner, wife Katie Grant, decided to commit to the idea, and on Sunday, July 31, they cooked the massive, meaty sandwich for a hungry crowd.

The sandwich’s ground-beef patty weighed 70 pounds, and was placed on a homemade bun. After condiments and toppings were added, the burger tipped the scales at more than 100 pounds. Customers purchased tickets to watch the Sunday evening spectacle—and to sample the final product, of course.

The Grants will donate a portion of the sale proceeds to Good Shepherd Food Bank, Maine’s largest hunger relief organization.

"It's very exciting to celebrate our one-year anniversary, but at the same time, this is just a massive amount of food, and there are some people that don't have the luxury of going out to eat," Katie Grant told WCSH6.

The restaurant’s owners say the giant burger might become a yearly tradition. Still, they'll need to think a little bigger next year if they want to set a Guinness Record. In 2012, the Black Bear Casino Resort in Carlton, Minnesota, cooked the world’s largest hamburger: a 2014-pound sandwich that was topped with more than 50 pounds of tomatoes, 50 pounds of lettuce, 60 pounds of onion, and 40 pounds of American cheese, among other dressings. Since then, no other ambitious fry cooks have achieved a similarly colossal feat.

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