Xavier University Is Now Home to America’s First Pizza ATM

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If your need for pizza is real (and we know it is), then your willingness to wait for said pizza is probably pretty limited. Thankfully, there’s finally a way to get hot, fresh pie immediately—but you have to get into college first. Specifically Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This fall, the school’s 6600 hungry attendees will get to enjoy the first ever “pizza ATM” in the United States. As Vocativ reports, the machine will live in Fenwick Place residence hall and serve up pizzas on demand, with cheese, pepperoni, or veggie toppings. A medium, 12-inch pie costs $9, which is a pretty sweet price to pay for not having to leave the premises or change out of your pajama pants (not that the undergrads were gonna do that anyway).

We know what you’re thinking: How good could ATM pizza really be, though? Well, according to Xavier’s auxiliary services marketing director, Jennifer Paiotti, pretty darn good. She told WCPO-TV: “It’s the best pizza I’ve ever had, and I hate to admit that as a New Yorker.”

Time, and the discerning palates of young adults in the middle of the night, will tell. The magical, mystical pizza machine is made by Paline—you can get one for yourself for just $55,000—and has features like a touchscreen, webcam, and text/email alert system so you can stay in close contact with your food like you’ve always wanted. It can hold 70 pies at a time.

If you’ve picked up on the distinction that the ATM is the first in the U.S., sadly it’s true: Similar delicious dispensers have existed in Europe for years. Better late than never, America.

[h/t Vocativ]

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