Starbucks Will Give Seven Lucky Customers Free Drinks For Life

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If your caffeine habit has started to take a toll on your wallet, you might want to enter this summer’s Starbucks for Life sweepstakes. Through September 12, Starbucks Rewards members can play a game to try to win a lifetime supply of Starbucks drinks and snacks, as well as a range of other prizes, Thrillist reports.

In a press statement, Starbucks explains that Rewards members (who are 18 years or older) can earn a chance to play just by hitting up a Starbucks—and if they spend over $10, they'll be awarded a bonus play. They can then redeem game plays on the Starbucks for Life website. Players collect digital game pieces in order to win prizes ranging from a free drink to free Starbucks for life. As you need to buy Starbucks products in order to participate, it’s a better opportunity for those who are already spending a significant chunk of their paycheck on a Frappuccino fix than for casual customers and Starbucks neophytes.

Disappointingly, if not surprisingly, you’re a lot more likely to win a free drink than a free lifetime supply of Starbucks products. Only seven customers (five in the United States and two in Canada) will receive a lifetime supply of Starbucks. Thirty, meanwhile, will receive a year of Starbucks products, 150 will win Starbucks for a month, and 550 will be able to treat themselves to free Starbucks for a week.

[h/t Thrillist]