Audi’s New Cars Will Feature a Traffic Light Countdown

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Few things make drivers feel more powerless than being at the mercy of a red light that refuses to change. Until cars come with a standard time-travel feature, counting down the seconds until the lights change may be our best coping mechanism. Audi has figured out a way to make that possible by developing a traffic light information system for their new vehicles, Business Insider reports.

The digital traffic light timer appears in the car’s dashboard when a driver pulls in front of a red light. Using data from Traffic Technology Services, the clock counts down the seconds until the signal turns green, disappearing with four seconds to spare to keep motorists from treating the feature like a starting pistol. The tool also works the other way around—it starts counting down the seconds left in a green light when it detects a driver is cutting it close.

Audi’s traffic light information system is one recent example of how wireless technology is changing the way we drive. This latest feature relies heavily on information from the traffic-management computers of select cities, which means residents of rural areas will be out of luck. In addition to having the right car, drivers interested in using it will need to sign up for an Audi Connect package starting at $25 a month. Subscribers who own an Audi Q7, A4, or Allroad car made after June 1 will be able to try out the timer when it launches by the end of 2016.

[h/t Business Insider]

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