Inside Los Angeles's 12th Annual Art Deco Festival

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From Friday, August 19 to Sunday, August 21, Los Angeles residents nostalgic for a more glamorous era flocked to Long Beach, California, for the 12th annual Art Deco Festival. Onboard the iconic 1936 ocean liner RMS Queen Mary, they danced the Lindy Hop, drank Prohibition-era cocktails, admired retro cars, and listened to historic lectures about the Roaring Twenties—all while dressed to the nines as flappers and dandies.

As Los Angeles Magazine reports, the Gatsby-esque event was sponsored by the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles, a non-profit arts organization that’s "dedicated to the preservation and awareness of Art Deco as a major influence on the 20th century and beyond," its website states. The Art Deco Society protects architectural treasures, educates people about the time period, and, of course, throws elaborate Jazz Age-themed parties.

Last weekend’s shindig was no exception. Attendees had the option of shelling out $478 a night for a room in the Queen Mary’s on-board hotel, or they could enjoy the weekend’s entire itinerary without staying at the hotel for around $400. There was also the option to attend individual events. Activities included a Soda Fountain Tasting, a Vintage Bazaar, an Art Deco Tour led by the ship’s captain, themed lectures, and multiple parties that culminated in a lavish Art Deco Grand Ball.

If you love all things Art Deco but missed out on the festivities, check out some pictures from the event below.

[h/t Los Angeles Magazine]

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