Watch How Bicycles Were Made (in 1945)

Chris Higgins
YouTube // wdtvlive42 - Archive Footage
YouTube // wdtvlive42 - Archive Footage / YouTube // wdtvlive42 - Archive Footage

As World War II drew to a close, this educational film about British bicycles gave us a glimpse inside the manufacturing process. It's like a How It's Made episode from seven decades ago.

The amount of work involved in building a bicycle is truly fantastic. In this film, we see a massive factory involving all sorts of furnaces, chemical baths, lab tests, and good old-fashioned metal work. If you've ever wondered what all the steps are in making a complex machine like a bicycle, you're in for a treat:

Note: this film features the Raleigh Bicycle Company, which has been in business since 1888. If you're curious how modern bike manufacturing has changed (and it hasn't changed much!), check out this How It's Made segment.