Fat Brad Cookbook Provides Recipes For All of Brad Pitt’s Movie Meals

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Cinephiles can now feed their movie obsession with Fat Brad, a brand new cookbook inspired by the films of Brad Pitt. It’s Nice That reports that the cookbook provides fans and foodies with recipes based on the many greasy, delicious, and decadent foods Pitt has consumed on-screen throughout his career.

Created by the food website Long Prawn, Fat Brad may be a tongue-in-cheek send-up of Pitt’s cinematic penchant for unhealthy eating, but its recipes are completely serious. They were created and tested out by professional chefs Ali Currey-Voumard and Mietta Coventry, who made sure each dish was as delicious as Pitt made it look. 

The cookbook, which can be pre-ordered for $24.99 on the Long Prawn website, features dishes that range from a simple burger inspired by Ocean’s 11 to a more ambitious plate of game bird, potatoes, and gravy inspired by Snatch. The book also features beautifully, if chaotically, arranged photographs of each dish in various states of consumption.

“We became film buffs, dieticians, and hermits all in one go," Long Prawn co-founder Fred Mora told It’s Nice That. "We gathered the guts of information from the films, handing them to the talented Ali and Mietta to whip them into delicious renditions of our sometimes lofty ideas. We knew the idea had legs when we started handing out the book to friends, they would invite us over, chuck on the film’s soundtrack and cook up the creation from the film; of course incessantly forecasting what Brad would do. It was more fun than we had ever imagined.”

[h/t It’s Nice That]

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