Chicago’s Midway Airport Now Has a Bathroom Just for Pets

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At Chicago’s Midway Airport, dogs don’t need to walk far to find a hydrant to pee on. A former family restroom has been converted into a doggie-tailored bathroom with fake grass and a mini fire hydrant, the Chicago Tribune reports. The dog potty has an automatic flushing system that wicks away liquids, poop bags on hand for solids, and a hand-held shower head in case things get messy. 

It’s Midway’s first pet relief room located beyond the security checkpoint, allowing pet owners to give their dogs a bathroom break without having to stand in line for security again. It’s one of many new pet potties popping up in terminals across the country—a response to a federal regulation passed in April, which mandates all airports with more than 10,000 passengers a year must have a pet relief area in every terminal.

The new law takes effect this month, so late summer travelers should have ample facilities for their four-legged friends now. Ronald Reagan Washington National and Washington Dulles International Airports installed several in 2010, and San Diego's Lindbergh Field followed suit in 2013, and the fire-hydrant-and-grass design then spread elsewhere. John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City already has one similar to Midway’s in its Terminal 4 and an outdoor “wooftop” patio with a corner for dogs to do their business in JetBlue’s Terminal 5. 

And if you are traveling with a feline companion? Just hope they feel inspired by astroturf.

[h/t Chicago Tribune]

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