Baker Creates Edible Architectural Wonders

Dinara Kasko
Dinara Kasko / Dinara Kasko

Ukrainian chef Dinara Kasko does not mess around when it comes to good-looking dessert. Her elaborate cakes and bonbons look more like abstract geometric statues than something you'd find at a bakery. The beautifully minimalist creations feature bold colors, sharp lines, and unbelievably smooth surfaces.

The baker uses a number of different ingredients that give her creations almost unreal appearances. Meringue, mousse, mascarpone, and ganache are just some of the foods used in the process. Sometimes Kasko will use isomalt (a sugar substitute that mirrors the look of glass) to house her cakes in a frosted glass prison. Each cake is a work of art that plays with the juxtaposition of different textures, flavors, and materials.

"In general, element forming is one of the main factors for me as a designer and a pastry chef," Kasko told so good.. "I should also note that photography, frame composition, and products presentation also play an important role. This is a manifestation of me as an artist, making cakes and photographing them as objects of art. Why not? Tasty and beautiful, that’s great."

Kasko started as an architect-designer and a 3D visualizer—she studied architecture and design in college. She later got into baking, which—believe it or not—she enjoys just as a hobby. Her deep understanding of architecture helps her create baked goods that look a lot like buildings. It's almost shocking to watch a knife cut through what at first looked like cement.

"I have many unrealized ideas and a great desire to experiment. I don’t want to imitate others; I want to create something new," she said.