Up for Auction: One of Steve Jobs's Iconic Black Turtlenecks

Julien's Live
Julien's Live / Julien's Live

Steve Jobs’s black turtlenecks were a major part of his personal brand—and now, TIME reports, fans of the late tech entrepreneur and inventor can purchase one of the signature shirts.

The garment’s front is emblazoned with “NeXT,” the name of the computer company Jobs founded in 1985, after he resigned from Apple Computer. On the back, it reads: “1980s: Personal Computing/ 1990s: Interpersonal Computing.” Julien’s Live, a Los Angeles-based celebrity auction house, is selling the turtleneck along with a variety of Jobs’s other possessions, including his keys, watch, wallet, documents, and a handful of clothing items and accessories.

Jobs was notoriously private, so Apple disciples might be wondering how Julien’s Live got their hands on some of his most personal items. According to Julien's Live, they’re from the caretakers of the Jackling House, a mansion in Woodside, California that Jobs lived in during the mid-1980s, and later demolished to build another house on the grounds. TechCrunch reports that the objects now belong to Jane Fonda’s estate.

Prices vary among the auction’s 30-plus items, but surprisingly, Jobs’s turtleneck isn’t the most expensive. That honor goes to a leather jacket—with a starting bid of $4000—that the Apple CEO famously wore in a 1983 photo where he’s flipping the bird at an IBM sign. As for the mock-neck shirt, its starting price is $500, but it’s valued anywhere from $1000 to $3000, the auction house’s website states. As of noon on September 2, the shirt had received four bids, the highest $1000.

The online auction began yesterday, September 1, and ends in 21 days. You can check out the entire catalogue over at Julien’s Live website.

[h/t TIME]

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