App Invites Users to Request New Emojis

Screenshot via EmojiRequest
Screenshot via EmojiRequest / Screenshot via EmojiRequest

The emoji keyboard supplies users with hundreds of pictographs illustrating everything from ambiguous grimaces to smiling poop. But for many frequent texters, the current emoji lexicon falls short. If you're itching for an emoji that’s missing from the lineup, a new emoji request app is looking for feedback, 9to5Mac reports.

Users can log in to EmojiRequest to vote for new emojis they’d like to see appear on their phones. The concepts with the most requests will be turned into formal proposals for Unicode to review.

EmojiXpress, the brand behind the app, isn’t associated with Unicode and there’s no guarantee that the most popular emojis they submit will be accepted. But according to EmojiXpress, they “understand the process well” and plan to develop proposals they believe are likely to get approved.

Unlike ideas sent in by individuals, emojis from EmojiRequest already have proven potential to be crowd favorites. According to the website, the emojis with the most votes are currently the “hush,” “in love,” and “fingers crossed” emojis. Other popular requests include a mime, a flying saucer, and a brontosaurus. Consider that we struggle to interpret the emojis that are now available, having more specific options could help make our texting lives a little easier.

[h/t 9to5Mac]

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