14 Fancy Lamps for Your Home

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The right lamp can add ambience, charm, and a warm glow to any room. And for anyone that likes a little light to help them read, draw, and work on projects, a dependable lamp is essential for your home or office. Take a look at 14 quirky lamp designs that you can pick up today.

1. HOUSE; $80

This clever little lamp doubles as an oversized bookmark shaped like a house. When you’re done reading, you can place your book over the lamp to create a roof for the house-shaped light. As long as you use the correct bulb, the lamp will make an excellent light to read beside. You can turn the house on and off using a switch on the cord.

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2. BUNNY; $79

This adorable rabbit is the perfect addition to any nightstand. The porcelain lamp comes with a softly-glowing LED bulb that doubles as a little cotton tail.

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Illuminate your room with the magic glow of a unicorn. These fun, squishy lamps give off a green, pink, or white light with the help of an LED bulb and AAA batteries. The little light can fit right in the palm of your hand, making it perfect for portability.

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Here's something cool for our UK readers: Origami-style dinosaur lamps. You can get a glowing T. rex, Triceratops, or Diplodocus, each with a little LED light inside. The polyresin lights come with a UK plug, but if you really want to use it state-side, you can always buy an adaptor.

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This LEGO-inspired light encourages you to build your own lamp. The base works as a power source, so as you click on bricks, they begin to glow. Each brick stays lit for 15 minutes, making it an excellent nightlight for people who fall asleep quickly.

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If you want something more humane than real taxidermy in your house, consider one of these hangable trophy lights. Available in deer, elephant, or buffalo shapes, they offer a stylish ambiance to any room. They’re motion-sensored, so they turn on for 20 seconds every time they detect movement. The glowing animals run on watch batteries and can be hung with screws or magnets.

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This light might look three-dimensional, but it’s actually completely flat. This unique lamp is made from a thick acrylic sheet and is powered with an LED light, along with etchings on the plastic that create the illusion of a 3D skull. With a touch of your finger, you can change the lamp color to red, green, blue, white, yellow, pink, or sky blue.

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Finding a question mark block while playing any Super Mario Bros. game has always been a delight (especially when you get a fire flower), so why not bring that same feeling home with you? These special lights capture the magic of the Mario world without having to pick up a controller. The block can be turned on and off by giving it a little tap, and when you boop it, it even plays the classic sound effect (ba-ding!). It’s powered by three AA batteries or a miniature USB cord.

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9. R2-D2; $60

This amazing desk lamp is modeled after everybody's favorite astromech droid from the Star Wars franchise. The officially licensed product is the perfect desk lamp to shed light on whatever project you’re hard at work on.

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This playful lamp makes it look like a floating bucket is dumping paint onto your desk. The bucket handily doubles as a lampshade, and a lightbulb can be screwed inside.

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11. QUARTZ; $120

Having a chunk of agate in your room might look cool, but wouldn't it be more useful if it gave off some light? This lamp is made with a mixture of agate, glass, and plastic to light up any room with a little style. The hollow crystal comes with a lightbulb and cord that turns it on and off.

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Marquee lights are most commonly used for letters, but they’re also a lot of fun in animal form. This one is particularly impressive as it is made of pink metal and holds 11 LED lights that make the flamingo glow.

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Guests will be amazed by this lightbulb that floats in the air, seemingly ignoring the laws of gravity. The magic trick is actually the work of magnets that keep the lightbulb floating. An electro-magnetic base powers the light bulb through the air, so there is no need for any wires. A simple tap of the finger can turn the light on and off, and when there isn't a lightbulb floating over the base, it can also be used to charge a smartphone.

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14. GIANT HORSE; $8583

If you find yourself in a Brewster's Millions situation (or you’re Joey Tribbiani), this pricey horse lamp is for you. The 56 pound horse—named Ramsay—is made of polyester corpus and covered in a matte black finish. As you might have noticed, a lamp sits on top of the horse's head that fits an E26 bulb.

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