Cafe In Australia Serves the World’s Strongest Cup of Coffee

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A new beverage on the menu at Viscous Coffee in Adelaide, Australia, was not formulated to wake you up gently. With more than 75 times the caffeine content of an espresso shot, the "Asskicker" is being billed as the world’s strongest cup of coffee, Thrillist reports.

The owner of the cafe, Steve Benington, told The Advertiser that the drink was originally made to keep an ER nurse awake during her last-minute night shift. She drank the coffee over the course of two days and it kept her up and alert for three.

The recipe has since been taken down a notch. Benington whips up the stuff by mixing four espresso shots, four 48-hour cold brew coffee ice cubes, and 120 ml of 10-day cold brew coffee. He ices it down with four additional 48-hour cold brew cubes.

The final product contains five grams of caffeine, which is 80 times the amount in a standard cup of coffee, and 12 times the daily limit recommended by the FDA. Ten grams of caffeine is enough to overdose, so consuming two cups of the super-charged beverage could be a death sentence.

The Asskicker’s exceptional caffeine content means it shouldn’t be slurped down like a regular cup of joe. A large serving is meant to be consumed over three to four hours, providing up to 18 hours of energy. Even when sipped with caution, drinking that much caffeine can pose serious health risks to people with heart conditions and high blood pressure. The restaurant displays a warning label urging customers to “drink at their own risk,” so patrons prone to jitters may want to find an alternative vehicle for their morning boost.

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