The Cronut Is Coming to London

LittleDaan, Flickr // CC BY 2.0
LittleDaan, Flickr // CC BY 2.0 / LittleDaan, Flickr // CC BY 2.0

Back in 2013, a little bakery called Dominique Ansel—named after its now famous pastry chef—had normally impatient New Yorkers lining up for hours just to taste a sweet and flaky hybrid pastry called the “Cronut.” Now, that famous doughnut and croissant crossover is making its way across the pond: Konbini reports that the Cronut—and all the delicious chaos that comes with it—is coming to London.

Dominique Ansel, which already has locations in New York and Tokyo, will open its new London shop on September 30. In addition to Cronuts, the bakery will sell its famous frozen s’mores (chocolate and ice cream inside a frozen marshmallow), Waffogatos (espresso with vanilla ice cream and bits of waffle), and cookie shots (a shot glass-shaped cookie filled with milk). Ansel also plans to create a series of brand new pastries just for Londoners, including a welsh rarebit croissant and a banoffee pie made in a paella pan.

Ansel told The Telegraph he doesn’t want to rest on his laurels, and hopes his Dominique Ansel Bakeries will be famous for pushing the envelope with wild and creative pastries, not just the Cronut. “Our philosophy is not taking it too seriously: not to be afraid of criticism, to test and to try,” he said. “... We are not just feeding stomachs, we are feeding hearts and souls.”

[h/t Konbini]

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